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JAPTI Drafts Programme for Boosting FDI

As a response to the economic turmoil, the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) has drafted a programme for promoting growth of companies in foreign or mixed ownership. The main goals of the programme include boosting FDI and creating new jobs.

Presenting the programme in Ljubljana on 22nd of June, JAPTI's acting director Igor Plestenjak said that "foreign direct investment is an important factor of economic growth of every country". He added that the programme aimed at preserving development cores of companies and contributing to their growth. Plestenjak also pointed to the latest study on the attractiveness of Europe for FDI, which showed that the continent is the top FDI destination. This is primarily because of the orderly business environment and a well-trained labour force, Plestenjak added. According to the study, the number of FDI projects in Europe in 2008 stayed more or less flat. The negative trend of creating new jobs by means of FDI continues, Plestenjak said. The most attractive destinations for FDI in Europe last year were the UK and France. Making most progress were meanwhile Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Ireland, the study shows. It also implies that Europe will not be able to maintain its leading position without an changes to its growth strategy. Investors find the high social contributions and insufficient flexibility of the labour force to be the biggest problems.

The head of JAPTI's growth and development programme, Simona Novak, said that JAPTI would earmark this year EUR 5m for the promotion of FDI as part of a public tender. The main aim of the tender is the creation of 700 new jobs over a period of three years, Novak added.


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