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JAPTI's Services to International Investors in 2007

In 2007, JAPTI strengthened its focus on attracting investment, growing exports and promoting the business image of Slovenia. As the first point of contact for investors wishing to take advantage of Slovenia’s business potential, JAPTI’s FDI team provided services to 548 existing and potential investors, as well as business journalists and other stakeholders. Business intelligence ranges from national and regional economic information, information on the business environment and sector specific information to inward missions. In 2007, JAPTI facilitated matchmaking with suitable partners by tailoring some 200 business visits to Slovenia.  The updated data warehouse contains FDI-relevant information (country briefs incorporating tariff standards and required documentation for kick-starting a business, customised market intelligence and market access and labour market issues, infrastructure, etc.).

Marketing Slovenia as a competitive FDI location within the national and international arenas was enhanced by JAPTI’s stands at four trade shows. In addition, JAPTI was a co-organiser of two investment conferences (London in Ljubljana) and held 22 presentations at various business events. In 2007, the follow up of trade leads and enquiries, as well as networking opportunities, were facilitated by organising study tours of international consultant companies. JAPTI published a renewed brochure on Slovenia as a prime FDI location in four languages and updated six brochures with sector-specific information in English. By publishing promotional articles and advertisements JAPTI contributed to FDI expansion and its own image and capacity building. In addition, JAPTI financed the preparation of two studies of Slovenia’s business competitiveness and carried out a capacity building seminar for local partners.

And last but not the least, in 2007, JAPTI awarded financial incentives to 12 projects proposed by foreign investors, which promise to create 949 new jobs over the next three years.


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