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National Contact Point for implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

The National Contact Point (NCP) is an instrument of promotion ensuring that multinational enterprises are familiarised with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (hereinafter: Guidelines), respect them wherever the Guidelines are operational and if possible adopt their own system of values themselves. The NCP is also a kind of mediation body which enables the consideration of received initiatives regarding violations of the Guidelines.

The Declaration is a document on political consent of adhering countries on a wide spectrum of issues referring to international investments and activities of companies.  It expresses values and standards which are important elements of general corporate social responsibility.  These standards are based on two general principles: transparency of business operations; and responsibility for social impact and responsibility toward stakeholders such as employees, consumers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, the entire society and the environment. 

The Declaration contains four main instruments in areas which are highly interconnected and complementary:

provision of non-discriminatory treatment of foreign-owned enterprises or enterprises in majority foreign ownership with regard to investments and activities, i.e. the National Treatment Instrument;Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises;an instrument for promoting and examining restrictions in the field of international investment (Instrument on International Investment Incentives and Disincentives); an instrument which minimises conflicting requirements imposed on multinational enterprises (Instrument on Conflicting Requirements).

The Guidelines are coordinated recommendations addressed by governments, signatories to the Declaration, to foreign-owned multinational enterprises which are active in the territory of a specific country or to domestic enterprises investing abroad and operating as multinational enterprises according to OECD criteria.  The Guidelines are not a substitute for national legislation in areas covered by the Guidelines, but supplement it by introducing a universal code of conduct applicable to enterprises active in cross-border investments.

The Guidelines are the sole multilateral code aimed at enforcing OECD standards at the global level for socially responsible corporate conduct. Other international instruments, conventions and numerous private and non-governmental (sectoral) initiatives and codes of socially responsible conduct are focused on specific areas or courses of conduct. This also includes internal valuation systems and rules of ethical operation of enterprises which are applicable to employees. The Guidelines have taken on the character of evolving international common law in the field of corporate social responsibility along with other international (convention) instruments.  The Guidelines are a comprehensive and universal code of responsible business conduct by multinational enterprises which are supplemental to national legislation and have been developed on account of globalisation processes and transnational activities of companies.

 The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises PDF (1.52MB)

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