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Pomurje – Springboard for Foreign Direct Investment

Pomurje stretches on 1,337 km² in the north-eastern part of Slovenia bordering on Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It’s a flat country with rolling hills that do not limit one’s view but let the eye travel far, just as its people (some 122,000 inhabitants) are free to accept a change

The fact that the pan-European Transport Corridor V as one of the strategic routes of the European Union runs through Pomurje means that it can be a springboard for foreign direct investment and expansion to the emerging markets of south-eastern Europe.

Commitment to restructuring Pomurje’s economy has created a string of industrial zones boasting modern infrastructure where paperwork is fast-tracked to facilitate investment. The people of Pomurje are the region’s most valuable asset. A long industrial tradition, intimate knowledge of the markets in southeastern Europe, command of foreign languages, high productivity, competence and motivation, are the qualities appreciated by the foreign investors employing local people in their production facilities in Pomurje.

Navigating through the economic downturn has taken a heavy toll on the enterprises in agriculture, food and textile - once the driving force of Pomurje’s economy. In effort to encourage economic growth and investment in geographic areas targeted for economic revitalizing, Slovenian Government promulgated on 1 January 2010 the Act on Development Support to the Pomurje Region in the Period 2010-2015 designed to encourage businesses to locate and expand in Pomurje. The measures in place until 2015 include:

The Government-backed program designed to give sharpen the competitive edge of the Pomurje region: grants are available for the business environment improvement and capital investments;On the jobs front: tax incentives and refunds of social and health insurance contributions paid by employers;Fiscal incentives for investment: pre-tax profit can be reduced by 70% of the capital expenditure for investment making the tax charge proportionally lower;Priority treatment of the investment projects to be located in Pomurje when bidding for financing from the national development funds and the EU Cohesion Fund;Institutional support provided by the Government Office for Local Government and Regional Policy in Pomurje.

Pomurje is also a holiday destination where investment will meet even the most stringent criteria for both risk and reward. Its natural thermal waters can be used to treat various disorders and ailments or to provide a range of spa experiences. There is a favorable environment for investing in tourism and support infrastructure projects that make sense for both sides as “win-win” scenarios. An assessment of Pomurje’s geothermal resources and the possibilities for their exploitation beyond bathing in the mineral-rich water from the thermal springs is among the development priorities of the region.

For further information on investment opportunities, the business environment and incentives please turn to the contact point:

Regionalna Razvojna Agencija Mura

(Mura Regional Development Agency)

Lendavska 5a

9000 Murska Sobota


Tel: +386 2 536 14 61

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