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Slovenia is doing very well as a competitive FDI location

Slovenia is doing very well as a competitive FDI location

The 2012 FDI contest organised by the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) is yet another confirmation of Slovenia’s net worth in the eyes of foreign investors is high and that its future is bright.

Since people are in businesses to make money, the difficulties caused to so many countries and their flagship companies by the global economic crisis can be mitigated if not completely overcome also by making outward investments. For companies it is important that they increase their ability to source, work with and generate returns for their investment in their target markets. On the other hand, FDI is a yardstick of the health of the external economy and a long run of decline continues as uncertainty about the global economic outlook keeps corporate spending plans on hold.

Potential foreign investors are often wary of potentially frustrating interactions with authorities such as getting the paperwork done or seeking out financing opportunities and learning about the latest regulations affecting them. The establishment of JAPTI was a step taken in the direct direction since it serves the business community at home and abroad by making it easier for foreign investors and local exporters to access services that help them achieve their goals.Whatever approach businesses use to get information relevant to them – writing, making a phone call or visiting the agency’s website – they are quickly connected to the right person and/or service. The government commitment to delivering the information businesses need to make informed choices about Slovenia as an attractive investment and outsourcing location has resulted in the decision to combine the resources of several agencies to get one platform oriented towards the needs of investors and exporters. By supporting the creation of value added and innovation, the government is supporting job growth and the country’s competitiveness. 

The winners of the awards for the results achieved by the foreign-owned companies in 2011 confirm that real values go a long way and that serious investors appreciate what Slovenia has to offer. The awards went to the companies with 50 employees or more that continued to hire despite the global economic meltdown, the best-performer in terms of corporate growth, the new investor with the highest score under JAPTI’s cost-sharing grant scheme, and the company operating in the Slovenian market for many years.

The best employer in 2011 is BOXMARK LEATHER d.o.o., BELIMED d.o.o. is the best in Slovenia in terms of corporate performance – competence centre, YASKAWA Slovenija d.o.o. is the company planning strong growth and consequently creating new jobs for highly qualified staff, which also means grants for new employment. IBM Slovenija d.o.o. is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and it continues to grow.

The Bisnode Credit Check Failure Model was used to rank objectively the best performing foreign investors in Slovenia in 2011 and to commend the efforts of owners and employees to beat sluggish markets and contribute to Slovenia’s economic growth.


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