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Slovenian Ministry of the Economy identifies priorities

The priorities of the Slovenian EU Presidency in the field of energy, telecommunications and industrial policy - sustainability, competitiveness and security of energy supply with focus on the internal gas and electricity markets, renewable energy sources, energy technology and external energy policy. Energy and waste management offer a host of opportunities for foreign investors (PPP).

The areas of wholesale and retail trading such as in electronics and garments, as well as consultancy services remain investors’ favourites, but further opportunities exist in sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance and telecommunications. Niche sectors and boutique companies may not be high-profile but thanks to specialisation stand to fare better than large household names that often lack flexibility in meeting customers’ needs. From electronic components to sailing boats, from racing skis to roulettes, from ultra-light aircraft to motor exhaust systems – these are some of the products “Made in Slovenia” that do not fear competitors.


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