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Slovenian unemployment rate on 4th place among EU-27 in February 2009

The EU-27 unemployment rate was 7.9% in February 2009, compared with 6.8 in February 2008.

Among the Member States, the lowest unemployment rate was recorded in the Netherlands (2.7%), and the highest rates in Spain (15.5%), Latvia (14.4%) and Lithuania (13.7%).

In February 2009 unemployment rate in Slovenia was 4.6%, what means 4th place among all countries and remain at the same level as it was in February 2008. The rate is for 3.3 precent point belove the EU-27 average.

Compared with a year ago, seven Member States recorded a fall in their unemployment rate, nineteen an increase and the rate remained stable in one. The largest falls were observed in Bulgaria (6.2% to 5.5%) and Slovakia (10.2% to 9.8%), and the highest increases in Lithuania (4.4% to 13.7%), Latvia (6.1% to 14.4%) and Spain (9.3% to 15.5%).

Source: Eurostat


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